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Fence Installation Tips: Building A Picket Fence

fence installEvery house construction expert knows that you do not just jump into a fence installation project without considering some important factors. Included in these factors is choosing the right type of fence to use for any property. Some fences are best used for large pieces of property such as farms and barns, while some fences are best used to enhance a property’s landscape.

A picket fence is a great addition to any yard – it can add beauty to your house’s whole “look”. A lot of house designs incorporate this type fence install due to its ability to add a little charm and contemporary feel to any home. Not to mention, picket fences are fairly cheap and can be built easily even without hiring construction guys to do it.

The following steps will help you do a picket fence installation:


Come up with a layout for your fence. The layout should indicate the correct length and width of your fence line and should not be crossing your neighbor’s yard. To make sure you are building a fence within your property’s boundaries, you may have to contact a local land registry office.


After making sure you’re within your property’s boundaries, you can start digging holes for the corner posts of your fence. The holes should be at least 32 inches deep. The diameter should be about 10 inches. Make sure that the holes are just enough for the posts to have a strong hold within the ground.


Put the posts into the hole and then add about 8 inches of soil into the hole. The bottom part of the pickets should be 2 to 5 inches above the soil. Checking that the soil is plumb, add more soil gradually until the hole is filled. Of course, don’t forget to tamp around the posts as well.


If your posts have mortises, you simply have to slide the panel rails into them. Adjust them slowly and carefully to level the top rail. On the other hand, if your picket fence posts do not have mortises, you can prop the panel using a wedge of wood in order to level the top rail. After that you can immediately nail in or screw the panel to the posts. Don’t forget that the bottom of the pickets should be at least 2 inches from the ground.

Repeat these steps until the fence installation process is done. Soon enough, if you’ve done thigns right, you will be seeing a great-looking picket fence surrounding your house. Don’t forget to take pictures of your achievement! After all, doing a fence installation by yourself is something to be proud of.


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Some Ideas for Creating Inventive and Unique Fence Designs

fence designThere’s surely no reason why fencing design can’t possibly be imbued with character, while fencing installations are extremely utilitarian naturally. Generally, a fence will be both visually fascinating and practical. Anyone can easily achieve creative, unique installations by reviewing the following tips on the way to add pizzazz to fence design.

For creating inventive fence design, Add you own Individuality and Creativity.

1. Add Your Neighborhood’s History in Your Design:

In general, each element of the country has their exclusive and inventive fence design history. For illustrating this, some stone fences while in the Northeast are decades old. On the other hand, split rail fences engraved within the landscape within the Mid-west region. In the most American cities, chain link fence (in working class neighborhoods) or older fences are sometimes produced from wrought iron (in upper economic areas). For creating unique, expressive installations you must research and recreate local historical fencing.

2. Installations of Green Vertical Gardening Fence:

You can add visual interest by growing plants along your fence. Vegetables like peas, pumpkins and Climbing flowers such as clematis, honeysuckle are eager growers along chain link fencing installations. Assuming the boxes are moderate sizes and hung on posts, Cedar fences typically can sustain flower boxes.

3. Perfect Destination for Design Variation Regarding Gates

The most transitional areas like gates and doors usually catch visitors’ attention with an ease. A unique gate in the fence design enhances the yard beauty. Gates can hold numerous design styles right from arched arbors to bamboo accents to unique wrought iron sculptures.

4. Curvy Installations in a Right Way:

Mostly, fencing installations are created in straight lines. But, many contemporary fencing materials might be constructed in curvilinear shapes. Most of the stonewall fences could be designed from a curvaceous shape. Wrought iron and Wood fencing materials will also be fairly easy to erect at a curvy form. You can arrange an assessment by using a local fence design company, to educate yourself where curves might compliment your fence design.

5. Choosing Various Unusual Materials and Recycled for Installations:

All types of recycled items right from skis to bike frames to license plates are generally repurposed into fencing materials. Add recycled construction materials including old doors and windows to the design. Lots of people go with these types materials.

To add character to installations we will conclude with some general strategies. Painting and Staining are wonderful processes for reviving older fence designs. Select an eye-catching color that compliments your home’s material before you choose this route. People, who want to have different appearance, can look at mixing up materials to provide character. Brick or Stone posts could possibly be combined with wood picket panels to provide an old-fashioned modern look.

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Fence Design For Your Property

Fence DesignFences serve numerous purposes and the most popular ones are for security measures and solitude. You have to the right fence design that will suit your needs. You will find a wide range of fence designs out there and learning about each one of them can help you identify your ideal one for your property.

Wooden Design

When considering an attractive type of fence design, the perfect choice is wood. You’ll definitely appreciate the ornamental wood fence design particularly if you have a big garden. When it comes to detailing your garden and trails, the wood fence design is capable of doing a an effective job. If solitude is what you want, the this design and style could certainly fulfill this kind of preference. With regards to its installation, it’s easy to do it without the help of an expert provided that you have all the equipment and materials which you prefer.

Wrought Iron

Wrought irons are known for providing a conventional appeal to any type of property or home. You can obtain this in tones of black, gold, bronze and also silver. With this particular style and design, you will certainly be able to totally keep your kids and pets in one secure area. The wrought iron style could need the help of an expert in terms of its set up.

Feel More Secured With A Chain Link Fencing

The Right fence design that may present you with greater safety is the chain link design and style. It is best-known for offering maximum safety to various types of properties. It is also a good choice in order to identify a fence design which is easy on the budget and if you like having one which calls for low maintenance.

Lattice Fence For Versatility

In terms of flexibility, the lattice fence design is ideal. With this design and style, you are given the opportunity to build numerous ornamental fences. You can also select if you need your fence to provide you a higher or lower personal privacy. This is appropriate for climbing plants.

Durable Brick Design and Style

This fence design is best if you wish to get the exceptional overall appeal delivered only by natural bricks. You can choose between the blend of brick and wood or brick and iron when lining your property.


Vinyl fence designs are also getting more popular. It uses synthetic supplies that are then made to mimic the appearance of metal or wood. This type of fence design can serve numerous functions. It is recognized for its affordability.

A Few Other Things to Consider

Before you build your fence, make sure that you verify the zoning laws and regulations within your place. You will be given the necessary information and facts and authorization to build a fence in your preferred place. An additional thing to take into account is the exact measurement of your fence. You’ll be capable of identify the required resources by using this exact measurement. You will also have to talk about your fencing ideas with your next door neighbors. With this, you’ll get to avoid likely disputes or issues.

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